Orange County Cities Should Consider Innovative Development Standards to Increase Homeownership Rates

Steven Lamotte, CEO for the Building Industry Association (BIA) Orange County wrote an op-ed on the use of a small lot ordinance to increase homeownership in Orange County.  The Orange County REALTORS(R) often work in partnership with the BIA in support of the dream of homeownership.  There is no single solution of course, but the small lot ordinance is one important tool to help relieve the supply pressures in Orange County.  Steven Lamotte makes his well articulated argument for it here:

The Orange County housing story continues to read the same: low supply, high demand and increasing costs. The Orange County Business Council puts the housing supply shortfall at 50,000 to 62,000 units per year. And, just recently, the O.C. Register reported that home listings were at a four-year low in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Read the rest

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